Madrid travel guide


Madrid Travel Guide

Alcalá de henares

Declared a Wordl Heritage City. An old city only a short distance from Madrid, the seat of the famous University founded in 1499 by Cardenal Cisneros. The University building, at Plaza de San Diego, boasts a splendid Plateresque façade. The interior courtyards are also worth visiting, especially the most famous one called the «Patio Trilingüe», where classes of Hebrew, Greek and Latin were taught. Interesting cloisters, gardens and the Auditorium may also be admired.

Within the town, churches and convents attract our attention, such as the Church of Magistral-Cathedral, started in the 12th century, the Archbishop’s Palace, the convent of Las Bernardas, the church of the Jesuits and the Oratorio of San Felipe Neri.

On the Calle de la Imagen, the house where Cervantes was born, which has been reconstructed and refurbished with furniture and household items of the era, can be visited.

33 Km. from Madrid on the N-II highway in the direction of Zaragoza. Trains from Atocha and Charmartín Stations leave every 10 minutes. Buses at the beginning of Avenida de América depart every 10 minutes.

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