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Education in Madrid

Education in Madrid In Madrid the education system is currently known as LEO (Ley Orgánica de Educación) or Fundamental Law of Education. There education is compulsory for children (6-16 years old) and supported by its government. In Madrid you can access to state, public education and private education. The Ministry of Education and Science (Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia) oversees how each region manages their own education system.

Kids (0-3 years old) usually attend state or private nursery schools, because these institutions help them to develop their basic skills. On the other hand children (3 years old) attend pre-school. Even though this education stage is no-compulsory, many parents enroll their kids in these educational institutions which develop emotional, physical, intellectual and social skills of a child.

Compulsory education begins with Primary education; all children (6-12 years old) must attend primary schools. This stage is divided into three or two-year cycles. Parents receive a report about the education progress of their children. If a child does not pass all courses while academic year, he or she must repeat the cycle. The last cycle prepares children to secondary education.

Secondary education is for all teenagers (12-16 years old), this stage is divided into two cycles. When they finish secondary education, they start preparing to apply for a university, school or technical institution. A Secondary Education Certificate is granted at the end of their studies, this document is necessary to continue studying higher education. There is also optional education which provides students with vocational training.

All students must pass entrance examinations if they want to go to university. An additional help can be the key in order to pass the entrance exam. Many students need a private teacher to prepare any kind of exam. Usually university courses are 4 years’ duration in Madrid. The folllowing are 6 state universities in this city: “Universidad Complutense, Universidad Carlos III, Universidad Politécnica, Universidad Comillas, Universidad Autónoma and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos”. On the other hand there are also private universities which offer excellent education standards. Most universities in Madrid are considered as the most important institutions throughout Spain and Europe. Moreover these universities are top ten in many European university rakings.

Lately many students from Latin America come to Madrid in order to get a master degree, because they don’t have to learn other language. However several universities offer courses in both languages: English and Spanish.  Add to this these universities offer scholarships to outstanding students.

Finally there are many business schools and medical schools which are very popular among foreign students. Therefore in order to meet society’s needs, there are many MBA programs.

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