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Employment in Madrid

Employment in Madrid According to figures from Eurostat, the Spanish employment rate stood at 59.9% in the second quarter of this year, far below the 64.9% recorded in the Eurozone. A year earlier, the employment rate in Spain was 65%, only 1 percentage point lower than that in Europe. Unemployment is a big problem in Madrid.

However, this is not an impediment for visitors all over the world that travel to Madrid each year in order to find a job and get new job offers that help them move forward in their professional careers. To reach this objective, job seekers find employment agencies which assist them in the job search process. Some firms charge the job seeker, so check whether there is an up-front fee or not.

Madrid employment agencies have an exclusive relationship with the employer. Search agencies are typically hired by senior-level seekers for a specific period of time to find appropriate candidates. Thus, these agencies often used by low and mid-level seekers, send a large number of resumes to the employer.

On the other hand, people who apply for a job have to be prepared for the job interview in order to play a good role in front of the employer. The day of the interview, you have to take important documents as your resume, your cover letter, your driver license, if you have one, and your identification with you.

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