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Healthcare in Madrid

Healthcare in Madrid Madrid as the Capital of Spain shares The National Health System that is under the responsibility of the central government, and receives all the benefits of the system.

Health care has always been one of the fundamental pillars of the welfare state in Spain, along with education (schools), pensions and social protection services. All those services are state financed, universal and accessible.

If you are part of the European Member State and need medical assistance, just present your EHIC or the European Health Insurance Card and you will be attended as soon as possible.

Find Health care Schools in Madrid

Medical schools

Medical schools in Madrid

Medicine is a career that offers many opportunities to become a successful person but it also requires a great effort to achieve a rewarding career in medicine. That is why medical schools teach anything that there is to learn about the human body and its illnesses. You will have the opportunity to make practices in hospitals or clinics with real patients where you will be able to define the kind of specialty that you’d like to choose. Look for information about schools near your area. Doctors are also studying the behavior of the body, and make calculations to know the index of body fat and give good treatment because they can provide health problems if you are overweight or conversely, underweight. You can us this body fat percentage calculator to know how many fat have your body.
Nursing schools

Nursing schools in Madrid

Nursing is considered as an art and science where you should have skills and a wide knowledge. If you want to become a nurse, there are nursing schools that offer different types of programs such as Bachelor of Science in nursing, for example. You will make practices in hospitals where you will be able to face real situations. At the end of your career, you will receive your degree and you can continue with your education to obtain a master’s degree or a Ph.D.
Pharmacy schools

Pharmacy schools in Madrid

If you feel interested in investigation or drug development, Pharmacy is the best option. You will find prestigious pharmacy schools that have different Requirements for admission. Once that you’ve finished this career, you can look for specialties, internships and advanced degrees to continue your education and achieve a good job position in a hospital or clinic.
Dental schools

Dental schools in Madrid

The oral health is an important component of the health, and you can pursue a career as a dentist. That is why dental schools offer programs to promote oral medicine. These programs stimulate you to learn, think, and apply your knowledge about oral health. You can find useful information about the equipment that you need to perform your job as a dentist. If you’ve finished dental school, you can look for a job immediately.

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