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Madrid Travel Guide

Teatro Real Puerta del Sol and Alcalá

The itinerary begins at the Teatro Real or El Real is the major opera house of Madrid, it’s located in front of the Palacio Real from where the Queen ordered its construction. The Theater was built in 19th century and it was rebuilt in 1991; nowadays, it stages more than seventeen opera titles every year. Nearby is the Plaza de la Encarnación, where you can find the Monastery of the Incarnation.

The Monastery of the Incarnation hosts a fine Baroque church with a frescoed ceiling, cloister and an interesting collection of fascinating relics that includes the miraculous blood of a saint (Saint Pantaleon). Down the Calle de la Encarnacion we reach the Plaza de la Marina Española, where is located the Senate Palace.

The Senate Palace was originally built in the 16th century for a community of Augustinian friars and now it's the seat of the Spanish Senate. To the left you'll find the Palace of the Marquis of Grimaldy, a beautiful building; and on the Calle Torija, we can find the Convento de las Reparadoras that was used for the court of the Inquisition in 19th century.

Continue along the Torrija Street we reach the Santo Domingo Square, then proceed on the Trujillos Street and arrive to the Plaza de las Descalzas, where we’ll find the Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales. The Puerta del Sol is one of the busiest places in the city specially during New Year celebration due to the famous clock that marks the eating of the Twelve Grapes.

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