Madrid travel guide


Madrid Travel Guide

From Medieval Madrid to Madrid of the Austrias

The Itinerary comprises many of the most important buildings in Madrid such as: The Plaza Mayor, San Miguel Market and the Plaza de la Villa or Town Square, and to Plaza del Conde de Miranda.

The tour begin at The Plaza Mayor is the principal square in Madrid; it was constructed from 1617 to 1619 and people consider the building as part of the Madrid de las Asturias, commonly called the old Madrid. Madrid Main Square was the meeting point for the town traders in its origins and due to the material used for its construction the square was susceptible to fire; in fact, it suffered three major fires.

Nowadays many tourists come to the Madrid Main Square to visit the Tapas Bars, cafés, taverns, bakeries and Restaurants, the costume jewelry and souvenirs shops and to enjoy the open-air festivals performed every year; and of course, to admire the square itself.

The most famous buildings in the Plaza Mayor are: The Casa de la Panaderia (Bakery house), the building was constructed in 1590 under the Flemish style and was occupied by a powerful Baker; and it was rebuilt after a fire in 1979 with its characteristic symmetric towers. There is the Casa de la Carniceria (Slaughter House) that houses some municipal offices.

If you cross the Plaza Mayor diagonally and go through the Ciudad Rodrigo Street, you’ll get to the San Miguel Market, one of the oldest markets in Madrid that was renovated several times. You can arrive to the Plaza de la Villa (town square) by walking through the entire street; at this place you can visit other impressive buildings such as: The Casa de la Villa that housed the Town Council and the jail, and the oldest building of the plaza, the Torre de Lujanes.

Continue along the El Codo Street that will take you to Plaza del Conde de Miranda, in which you can find The Convent of the Carboneras that has a beautiful collection of paintings. If you take the San Justo Street and continue down you’ll find the Saint Michael's Basilica that was built in 18th century under the Baroque style.

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