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Madrid Travel Guide

Gastronomy of Madrid

Madrid Gastronomy Since Philip II made Madrid the capital of Spain, numerous recipes and influences from all the regions of the country entered in its kitchen. Today it is practically impossible to say which dishes are original, and which are imported. Today Madrid offers more a Spanish than a regional kitchen.

The dishes that are called madrileņo in Spain, are mainly hotpots, as the well-known Cocido Madrileņo with chick-peas. Among regional specialities have to be named the delicious asparagus from Aranjuez and the very typical Sopa de Ajo, a soup of garlic.

Madrid is a region with a great variety of dishes. Its central location and the many people originally from other regions of the country have influenced the cuisine of Madrid. The typical dishes from the capital are mixed up with dishes from other regions and it is difficult to distinguish between what is imported and what is originally from Madrid. The diferetes regions of Spain contain a diverse and extensive dining and hundreds of recipes, tapas, desserts, all from the hand of the beautiful Mediterranean diet that characterizes Spain. This helps maintain a good body mass index and keeps your body in shape. On the internet you can find BMI calculator to find out your weight range and know the problems associated with each range.

Apart from the different stews (chicken stew, pork stew, stewed meatballs etc.) Madrid is known for its many variations of chicken and the popular "tortilla de patatas" (potato omelette). The city can also provide some more sophisticated dishes like "callos madrileņos", which is tripe in a slightly spicy sauce, snails or lamb in many different variations.

Cooking schools

Cooking schools in Madrid

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