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Mortgages in Madrid

Mortgage in Madrid Mortgages in Spain as in other European countries are very diverse and various; there are different options that suit the needs of customers; usually the mortgages in Madrid are a way to buy a home.
In Madrid, there are internal and British banks, financial companies and local savings banks that offer this service, There is a big difference between one and another bank about the prices, taxes, loan, etc., it is important to compare the prices of rates before making a final decision.

In Madrid there are several mortgage types, the most common are:
  • Fixed-rate mortgage
  • Variable rate mortgage
  • Mixed mortgage
  • Fixed rate mortgage
  • Reverse mortgage
  • Interest only mortgage
  • Assumable mortgage
Make sure you select the mortgage that is right for you, your future plans, and your financial picture, find a mortgage at the bank that will offer the best conditions of payments.

Due to the influence of the British financial companies, the mortgages model in Madrid are very similar to those of Great Britain that offer a variable rate, on the other hand, money lenders offer a fixed rate.

The mortgages in Madrid are offered for Spanish and foreign since 2003, the variable rate is determined by the base rate of the European Central Bank; this means if the rate is lower, the month payment is going to be less.

Financial banks in Spain offer mortgages of up to 100%, but that with proper documentation, while lenders offer a maximum of 70% due to the risk of losing money.

You can find a mortgage at some of the most important financial institutions in Spain, like:
  • Barclays Bank.
  • Lloyds TSB Bank.
  • Interban.
  • Consulting Credit (Madrid).
  • Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA).
  • Banco Santander Central Hispano.
  • Banco Sabadellatlantico.
The Spain real estate business has a lot of houses to buy or rent. Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Santander, San Sebastian, Valencia, Vitoria, Bilbao, Murcia are just some of the variety of cities in Spain that offer perfect conditions to have a beautiful lifestyle meet new people and enjoy the extraordinary food.

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