Madrid travel guide


Madrid Travel Guide

Sports in Madrid

Sports in Madrid Ski Resorts in Madrid Madrid is a good destination for skiing; it offers great ski resorts like La Pinilla, Xanadu Snow Park, and Valdesquí Navacerrda. Most of these stations are high above the pine forest, which is the highway that connects Madrid and Segovia. Really, this is a great place to enjoy your vacation.

If you want to take ski lessons, you can take them in groups or in personal classes, ski schools have classes for all levels, beginners and experienced. Rates are very affordable.

November and April are great ski seasons. Most ski resorts are well equipped; you can find snowboarding, skiing, holiday clothing, modern lift systems, restaurants, bars and even lodging if you want to stay for a few days.

Healthy way to practice Sports

Before practicing any sport, it is important to have a good fitness condition. It is advisable to spend a prior medical examination where you can obtain some values as our body fat, our BMR or many calories you consume daily, our resting heart rate, and discard any previous dangerous symptoms to avoid risks.

On the Internet you can find some tools like, that calculate some of these values easily, although it is always advisable to visit a medical specialist.

Marinas in Madrid

Madrid has an excellent climate that along 7,880 miles of coastline, provide perfect natural conditions to enjoy your holiday. It is a coastal city of contrasts with extraordinary beaches with fine white and dark sand, rocks, splendid cliffs, beautiful coastal towns, fishing ports and marinas. Each marina offers restaurant services, cinemas, shops and much more for unforgettable moments.

There are many management companies of leisure and nautical sports that are partly commercial and partly yacht clubs. Many sport clubs were awarded the Blue Flag standard for compliance with environmental requirements, quality of service, etc. However, the activity of some marinas in Spain has been held back for failing to meet stringent environmental requirements regarding its construction and operation. Spain marinas are more luxurious and expensive; the leaders are the Marina Grande on the island of Capri, followed by Porto Cervo in Sardinia.

Maritime activity is growing in Madrid, the rent of boats and yachts is increasing as well.

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