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Translations in Madrid

Translations in Madrid The translation market of Madrid plays an important role in the economical, social and cultural progress of this city as well as other cities in Spain. Although translation agencies are new compared with other Spanish businesses, they are growing rapidly in Madrid. Translation services rate grow 6% percent per year, the main factor of this increase are companies and governments that require high-quality translation services. On the other hand there are other kind of customers who are driven by other factors such as accessibility, conveŽnience, price and speed.

The translation market is divided into two sectors in Madrid: the public and the private sector. On the one hand there is the public sector which depends on government or public services. On the other hand there is the private sector which includes translation companies, editorials, agencies and freelance translators. There translation agencies mainly translate Spanish, English, Germany and French documents into other languages. The 36% of the Spanish translation market is located in Madrid where many translation agencies are.  This market is composed mainly of freelance translators.

Since Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world, many international companies usually hire a translator that have a good command of this language. Companies always want to access to foreign markets, therefore the contract professional translation service in order to have good communication with their clients.

In Spain it is believed that being bilingual is the same as translator, however the main requirement to translate is having translation degree. Today more and more people are aware of this fact and professional translators are recognized as such rather than bilingual people.

The translation market offers us different kinds of services such as professional translation, interpreting, etc. On the other hand the translation market of Madrid may compete with translation markets of UK, the France or Germany.

There are also translation agencies and websites that you can try here, that offer their professionally free translation services on the internet , then you can ask for estimate of a Spanish translation by sending an email. Thanks to internet, translation agencies have become very high profitable businesses in Spain. Finally Madrid is a beautiful city with many opportunities in the translation market. There translation agencies are committed to improve their translation quality as well as increase their wide range of services.

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