Madrid travel guide


Madrid Travel Guide

When to go Madrid

Despite of the fame that Spain has of being a warm country, there are some areas that present very hot weather in summers and freezing cold in winters; Madrid is one of those regions. For us, the best time for traveling to Madrid is during spring or autumn, because there is not much heat or cold.

  • The spring in Madrid (April-June) makes the whole city more beautiful, because it is full of flowers in all squares and parks, and there is sunshine all over the streets. The only problem for this season is the rainfalls. In this time the city also has the festivity of the Holy Week (Easter) which has plenty of beautiful religious processions.

  • Summers are very hot that is why many of the Madrileños escape to the near beaches and restaurants in the coastal areas. If you can't stand the heat, you should not visit Madrid during July.

  • The autumn in Madrid (September-October) brings golden colors to all the parks and streets. There is warm temperature which makes of this season, the most recommendable for visiting.

  • Winters are very cold and dry. The temperatures at night goes down, reaching -10ºC (14ºF) during the night. Remember if you travel in this season, don’t forget bring warm clothing.
Spain has an awesome amount to offer foreigners, whether students, travelers or residents. Madrid is the most popular destination. Let’s face it though, even when you live in a city, you still have to work (at least most of us do,) or study. If you have a good level of Spanish and clear professional goals you can try doing an internship in a Spanish company as a first step.
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