Madrid travel guide


Madrid Travel Guide

Where to go Madrid

The law bans drinking in the streets (although in some areas it is still a common practice) and the minimal age to drink is 18, so if you're under this age, you may not be allowed to go into some pubs.

  • Plaza MayorPlaza de Santa Ana, Huertas - The most common place for tourists to go out, it has a lot of Irish pubs, and many other interesting bars, but some of the locales here serve alcohol of questionable quality.

  • La Latina - In the old section, many small bars and pubs, a generally older crowd (late 20s, 30s). Contains the area of Plaza Mayor and Cava Baja. Avoid places in the Plaza Mayor. Multiple bars serving fantastic tapas in the Cava Baja and Cuchilleros.

  • Torre Europa - A very posh or "pijo" crowd, quite expensive and virtually uniform music, places, and people.

  • Tribunal - Plenty of bars related to Madrid´s famous "movida", the plaza 2 de Mayo is in this area, you´ll find a higher concentration of bars playing rock, punk, etc in this area.

  • Chueca, The gay neighborhood; and, by far, the most cosmopolitan place in town. Has become quite chic and expensive.

  • Alonso Martínez - Many pubs and later on small discos. Until about 3 am, a very young crowd, and if you´re around here before midnight, and over the age of 20, prepare to feel positively old.

  • Moncloa - Many cheap bars and discos as it is near the university although some of the places are best avoided.

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